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Standard Off-Grid and Customized Modules

Customized module

Our strong relationship with top material suppliers and our expert knowledge of processing high quality modules, guarantee that GermanSolar is capable of producing any type of solar module, with a wide selection of materials and sizes possible. Our production line is highly automated yet flexible, thus enabling us to produce tailor-made modules to meet market demands. Our strong and versatile design capability can turn your ideas into customized modules for different applications – for roof tile, marine & outdoor use, streetlights, etc. These modules usually require carefully coordinated decorative planning and other connectivity considerations as they are designed to be integrated into larger application units. With our design capability, you can choose the color of your individual module and frame, including the front and back material, to make the module match your application aesthetically. GermanSolar’s customized modules are certified by IEC 61215, 61730, C1D2 & UL 1703, and every module is flashed to ensure its performance and quality.

Steps we request and follow
to meet your requirements when designing your special modules.

Features of GermanSolar Standard off-grid and customized modules
  • Unique design, backed by German standards of engineering

  • Use of bypass diodes to avoid hot-spot effect

  • EL tested and micro cracks inspected

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Every module flashed

  • IEC 61215, 61730 & UL 1703 certified

  • Choices of colors, front and back materials & frames

  • Positive and tight power tolerance: +3%

  • 5-year product warranty and 10-year limited performance warranty

Standard Off-Grid and Customized Modules